The Saigon Soul Food Story

I was eight years old when my family fled our home in Viet Nam for Canada.  Every day in Saigon and then in Toronto, I cooked and learned from my mother in our kitchen.

My mother taught me to make spring rolls come alive with more fresh vegetables and legumes than most Vietnamese recipes.  I also learned that wrapping with two or three layers of pastry makes a spring roll golden and flaky ... but also oily.  To make my spring rolls light, and not oily, I carefully roll each one by hand with only one layer of pastry.

In 2003, a friend "volunteered" me to make my spring rolls as a lunch for my sons' Waldorf schoolmates and their parents. The overwhelming response from that lunch led me to launch my food business, Saigon Soul Food, at the Milton Farmers' Market.

It is from our commercial kitchen on James Street South that I, and five Vietnamese-Canadian staff, make: 

The Best Spring Rolls on the Planet! … And More.

We have brought my emphasis of healthy ingredients to other Asian gourmet delights.

Many stores now carry my:

Gourmet appetizers

  • spring rolls, dumplings, curry samosas and beef wellingtons


Gourmet meals

  • curry stews and savoury rice

Gourmet sauces

  • roasted garlic plum sauce, spicy roasted garlic plum sauce and tamarind and ginger sauce


My sauces are THE ideal complements to my frozen gourmet delights.  Many of my products are also Vegan or Gluten Free.

Please visit me and my Saigon Soul Food at the best Ontario Farmers’ Markets and our shop in Hamilton. 



Tâm Nguyn


"My mother taught me to make spring rolls come alive with more fresh produce and legumes than most Vietnamese recipes"

Tâm Nguyn



Saigon Soul Food Inc.

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